Aquatic Industry - Child Safety for Managers

2021PD Child-Ma

The safety and wellbeing of children should sit at the heart of any organisation’s values; however, this does not mean that the development and implementation of child safe practices is always as good as it needs to be or that improvements can’t be made.  

Further to this, ensuring children’s safety in an aquatic industry context can present a range of additional and specialised challenges. This is why Royal Life Saving have developed two online child safety modules; one targeted at frontline workers and the other at management level staff.

The chief purpose of the modules is to assist the aquatic industry, and its workforce, to develop a clear understanding of the expectations, legal requirements and best practices relating to child safety.


This is essentially designed for those in leadership and management roles within an aquatic industry organisation and for any role that requires leadership and oversight on child safety, e.g. Child Safety Officer.

It covers the same content as the Frontline version, but also looks more closely at what can be done at an organisational level, in terms of instilling and promoting a child safe culture, using the 10 Child Safe Standards as a guiding framework, and effectively managing risks to children’s safety at all levels.

Of course, we understand that dividing staff into Frontline and Management doesn’t always fit and if you are unsure which version is most appropriate for you or your staff, our suggestion is to take the Management version. Why? It covers exactly the same content, in the same way, as the Frontline version and then goes into other areas. If the additional content is not so relevant, it can be regarded as information only, and the learner can still focus their learning on the parts that are most relevant to them.

The modules are ultimately designed to give those that work in the industry confidence and clarity in managing this extremely important and at times challenging part of their roles.
It assists with the following areas:

  • Supervision and general professionalism as Frontline Staff
  • Change room and toilets
  • Physical contact
  • Photography, video and online content
  • Organisational guidelines and individual code of conduct.

Having first hand knowledge on the correct way to manage these areas enables you to complete your role as Management staff, in an efficient and professional manner. It will assist you in correctly reporting and making sure that the incident is correctly reported and handled in a timely manner. 

Target Audience:

Anyone who is working with children in a Management, Supervisor or Teacher capacity. These roles can extend from Swim Teacher, Deck Supervisor, Lifeguard and Duty Manager, Facility Supervisor or Manager in an industry. 

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Methods:

Deliver online in a Self-paced learning environment
Like many of the professional development products on offer through Royal Life Saving the content is highly contextualised to the aquatic industry environment and uses a range screen designs, interactions, visual representations, scenarios, reflection tools and knowledge checks to maximise engagement and learning.
Participants will require a level of English to be able to give and receive instructions, read signage, read content and complete questionnaires. LLN skill set of level 3 in writing and reading is the minimum requirement for this course.

This course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

On successful completion, participants will receive the Child Safety – Management Staff Certificate and the course has been recognised by Royal Life Saving QLD for 1.5 hours of professional development.

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